Feel Better Faster: Easy Back Relief

All Time Favorite Articles

August 31st

ALL TIME FAVORITES Over the years I’ve written a number of articles that many have found useful. It’s my spin on the tapping process and how you can use it to feel better. This link will allow you to access … Continue reading

Pleasure Island or Pain Island

August 10th

10% OF THE world’s population lives on an island. WHO has your back? Who is the person who knows where you are now, and can get you clear and focused on your next step. Successful individuals who get breakthrough results in … Continue reading

Prairie Dogs and 4 Ways To Set Boundaries

May 20th

22 – THE NUMBER of teeth on a prairie dog. A FEW EFT practitioners were talking about how they tap with clients who need to jump from topic to topic and have a hard time staying with one thought.  The … Continue reading

Honor Your Reptilian Brain

April 22nd

We want to be very sensitive to our brain’s feelings.  Really. I created a mental exercise for clients  in pain. They now have an additional tool for quick pain relief.  And now you have it too:) The lower brain takes … Continue reading

Not Brain Surgery: A Crayon Metaphor

April 29th

What’s a Mental Exercise?  Here is my metaphor.  We use 3 basic elements of EFT to integrate the 3 parts of the brain. Warning:   The image and explanation provided are not scientifically accurate, so please, if you are a … Continue reading

Talk to your pain… And get relief

December 6th

Talk to the brain, Talk to your pain… And get relief, underlies the way I work with clients and the way we all heal.  You probably use self talk to find ways to feel better about things. It’s like talking to … Continue reading

Stress Causes Brain To Shrink

December 1st

That’s the finding at a recent study conducted at Yale. What happens to a person when his brain shrinks?  I don’t know, but I do know how to relieve stress. Even when life is hard, you have a choice about … Continue reading

Trauma Relief: Tapping in the Emergency Room

November 19th

We have the hurricane trauma here on the East Coast, and the conflict trauma in the Middle East.  It reminds me of the times my mom landed in the hospital, once for a car accident and more than once for medical events. … Continue reading

6 Persuasion Secrets to Lose the Pain

October 18th

HOW TO USE PERSUASION TECHNIQUES ON YOUR OWN BRAIN (with action steps) If you have back pain or other chronic pain, borrow a few golden sales nuggets from the marketplace to get relief.  These six persuasive strategies have brought fame … Continue reading

How Is An EFT Practitioner Like An Optometrist? (A Joke)

October 18th

HOW MANY optometrists in the US? 34,800.      An EFT Practitioner tells the client to look at a memory.  They tap and the Practitioner says: “Now look at that image again.  Is it the clearer, less clear or no change?” … Continue reading

Persuade Your Brain

August 23rd

This book is an eye opener.  Robert Cialdini wrote Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, considered a must read in the marketing industry.  His powerful rules about how to persuade are in play around the world, and they are amazingly effective. … Continue reading